All you need is a
smart beacon
smartphone application
installation of beacon

Install the Beacons

Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are installed according to your office floor plan and requirement

Adding Employees

Add your employees

Login to your organization’s web dashboard and add your employees

Download Application

Download the app

Employees download and install the bdAttendance app from the google play store or the iOS App Store

Analytics And Visualisation

Analytics and Visualisations

Visit your organizational to view key attendance trends and employee productivity analytics


Just swipe to start/end day

Your organization can opt for automatic attendance with minimal manual intervention or alternatively, swipe up to start and swipe down to end your work days!

Why choose bdAttendance?
Continuous Presence Management
Continuous Presence Management

bdAttendance allows you to track employee in/out times automatically and also record time spent in office. Easy to use, efficient and effective, bdAttendance eliminates employee time theft and provides you with an accurate record for payroll calculation.

Low-cost and flexible
Low-cost and flexible

Spending time, money and effort on traditional biometric attendance systems is a waste when bdAttendance provides a solution which requires no heavy hardware installations, no constant upkeep and annual maintenance costs.

Works Offline
Works Offline

Our platform works offline, so even if you lose Internet connectivity, your presence data will be captured. Whenever you reconnect to the Internet, all locally stored data will be updated and available for download and analysis on the web dashboard.


Our Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are hackproof and secure. Further, our platform has built in security checks to avoid buddy punching, attendance fraud and theft. A foolproof solution for your in-office employees.

Automatic Attendance
Automatic Attendance

Why stand and wait in line to punch in and punch out? With bdAttendance, your presence in office gets marked automatically as you walk in and out. It’s so simple, you don’t even need to think about it.

Dynamic Analytics

Punctuality MatricesPunctuality Matrices
Real-Time Continuos Presence OverviewReal-Time Continuos Presence Overview
Productivity TrendsProductivity Trends

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